The Need to Rest, True Rest

Instinctively and quickly we associate rest with vacations. And it would not hurt us if our vacations were really to rest … but in the vast majority of cases, this is not the case.


Borrowing the words of José María Toro (from his book DescanSer).


They have kidnapped our rest, in a very subtle way. This is by confusing, misrepresenting, manipulating, making us see as REST what is not. The rest that is being sold, and that we buy, is nothing more than more activity. And hidden, more energy leakage, a flight from ourselves.


The true meaning of REST has been altered by distorting its meaning, with skilful and careful conceptual confusion.


Our culture does not promote or facilitate rest, but rather distraction, which is not the same. We seek to distract ourselves as an antidote to tiredness and stress. Yet,  these distractions rarely get our tired bodies, sad hearts, and overwhelmed minds to truly heal. We unconsciously run away from the healing that “true rest” can provide.


It is not interesting for people to be rested but, rather, “distracted”, that is, incapable of “bringing themselves”. In other words, incapable of recovering from the exhaustion generated by daily activities.


A distracted person lacks the attention and tension necessary to affect anything they do. On the contrary, a rested person has such a vibrational charge that it affects everything they do or touch. Only rested people have the precise power to transform shadows into lights and to temper a cold and inhuman reality.

To rest

Resting does not mean changing activity but ceasing of the activity. Rest should be a space and time to discover stillness and calm. It is giving ourselves to the “DIY” of that house that is our body and cultivating the garden of our soul.


Real rest is always a recovery and return to oneself,. That is, to recover the Being. With rest we build in ourselves a new inner consistency that allows us to express ourselves, to feel unity within and integrate our wholeness. We are returned to the world with a new spirit and renewed freshness.


Now, more than ever, resting is a vital necessity and an emergency of the first order.


It is not a question of denying distractions, which is also very important and necessary, but to leave room for true rest. A space where silence, introspection, pause, presence and awareness in the now are the keys.