Silent Retreats: Rediscover Yourself

What is a Silent Retreat?

A silent retreat involves a few days of total silence in order to focus on our inner voice. It means submerging ourselves in a calm environment, usually in areas surrounded by nature, where everything is arranged so that we don’t have to speak and so that we can look inside ourselves.

Silence is an extremely powerful therapeutic tool to find out what is going on inside us, what we don’t see or refuse to acknowledge, or to focus on deep personal questions. Once you try this method, you realise that it is easier than you think and after a while you realise what a joy it is to be able to dedicate this precious time just for you.

With so many external influences in our lives, it sometimes prevents us from seeing what we really need. Silence is a way of shutting out the outside world and allowing us to tune in to our inner voice.



There are numerous benefits in taking part in a silent retreat, especially when it comes to recovering our strength for the future, as well as returning balance and serenity to our minds.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Inner peace and silence

  • Mental clarity and direction

  • Physical, emotional, and mental cleansing

  • Meditation

  • Recognition and use of personal space, intimacy, self-esteem, and self-value

  • Strengthening of willpower

  • Complete rest

For a healthy life, one or two silent retreats per year are recommended.