Find happiness and self-love in a spiritual retreat

February 14th is well known as Valentine’s Day. Some people want to avoid the orthodoxy of this day and the cliches that surround it. However, we still want to celebrate this day by helping you to find yourself, since internal love influences external relationships.


Make a retreat and find the love of your life: yourself. With the different spiritual retreats for this date you will discover how to love yourself and the importance of the “I”. Thanks to this you will find true love in yourself, and you will stop looking for or needing this love in others. Loving yourself is a very important step on the path to full happiness, and it will help you to know yourself and value yourself more. (Re) discover love in a retreat and discover yourself!


In addition, you can also come with your partner to strengthen the relationship and your journey together, discover other types of communication and create a totally healthy and happy relationship. Put your life together in order and return to your day to day with vitality and joy.


Here we have more than 30 different options prepared to spend these days alone or as a couple. Getaways of 2, 3, 5 or even 7 days will make this Valentine the best you have ever experienced, discovering yourself like never before.


Together with other people who seek the same goal you will experience inner peace and true self-love. Personal growth, contact with nature, meditation, the practice of yoga, the opening of consciousness, healthy nutrition and mental control are some of the activities that will be carried out and that you will learn in each of the different programs, designed for you to find your true love: yourself.