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Open to all




Guided, Free, Spiritual guide available


Free preparation booklet; with all facilators information, free bonuses and a guide on how to prepare for the weekend.

Not included

There is no doubt we’ve had a challenge year and qualities like patience and resilience is essential as we move forward. But how can you if your out of energy. Well I’m here to offer you a break at a unique venue. That is none other than, the comfort of your own BED! As you know ‘there’s is no place like home’! The theme of thIs retreat is bedrest and so we encourage you to spend as much time in your bed as possible so you can get the bedrest you deserve and need. You’ll learn that bedrest never have to be boring nor feel like an imposed sentence. With each class for filling an aspect of your needs to replenish and nurture yourself throughout each day, you spend with our facilitators. As we join you from our beds to delivery classes that help you embrace rest and entertain you when bedrest is something you need.. So when you arise you’ll feel balanced, aligned, rested and present.


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Meals Included

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I’ll be your host for the weekend. As well as your yoga of sleep and sound bath facilitator.

All Facilitators

Virginia J Fassio - Keynote speaker of self love. She is committed to creating a life of joy, health, wealth and freedom by sharing her ’Lovebombs’ in the world.
Phoebe Leona - Is qualifiedin pilates, yoga, restorative/therapeutics training, and trauma informed training. Together she Is the creator of a movement called Mvt109 where she guides you to unlocking and releasing stagnate energy, withing your soft range of movement. So you work within you comfort.
Jules Kay - From Sovereign Queens is all about empowering women. On the retreat she holds a cacao workshop followed be breathwork practice to connect the spirit of cacao as it moves through your body, heart and mind.
Simone L’Abbe - Has created her own methodology called feel fully as she guide them into reframing resilience on their fertility journe. Her intention is to surround them with support and compassion, and remind her that she has so many tools and resources available to feel empowered and resilient now, before she conceives. She be speaker and sharing a meditation.
Laura Baun - Help people apply herbalism in a sustainable way to find joy, energy and self determination in their health outcomes. So she’ll be giving a talk and best practices for rest and digestion both emotionally and physical with herbalism.
Jeannette Barrow - From Epiculiste who makes cooking a joy and an inspired ritual. She will be a large contributor to the prep book your going to be receiving. So you can prep easy, nutritional meals in 30 mins or less.
More too come

REST & Digest Virtual Retreat

We suggest you start it with us on 19.30 on a Friday evening and

Friday evening 19.30
Saturday 10.00 - 20.30
Sunday 10.30 - 19.30

You will get a preparation booklet, with the full list of facilitators and will as bonuses. You’ll also be able to to receive ongoing support from the live Facebook group during and after your retreat.

It’s a virtual retreat, but if you have any technical issue you can contact us, either by email at [email protected] or through our Facebook group.

The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 7 days before the arrival date.
The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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