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Open to all


English, Spanish




Full fitness program, changing often to suit you and your goals.
One to one attention with no large groups to keep up with.
Individual, personal classes including Stretching, Meditation, Circuit and HITT sessions.
Fun and interactive cooking demos so you can leave with new cooking skills + recipes.
Personal service of weight loss and exercise lessons to gain confidence for when you
return home.
Home cooked, real meals you can see being prepared and can learn how to create ready for
you to make yourself.
Picturesque walks through countryside with Fun “time out” in Stratford upon Avon
Inspirational talks with people who have been there!!
Help with your “To Do List” for when you return home to your daily life
Become an Exclusive Member of our Post Care Support Group when you return home

Not included

Traveling cost to our location in Stratford upon Avon

Nestled on the banks of the River Avon in a Luxury Lodge in Stratford Upon Avon during the English summer months. The lodge has full wifi and tv in every room plus ..
Free residential parking
Free transfers from Birmingham airport & Stratford upon Avon train station
Free internet access
Free laundry facilities
Tea making facilities
Bespoke toiletries
Iron & ironing board
Full TV system
Central heating
Water sports available
River taxi
Spa facilities available
"Queenie" our resident boat which we will use for our healthy river picnic trips


  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Fitness center
  • Sauna
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Washing machine available
  • Bike available
  • Parking

Room type

  • Shared bedrooms
  • Single room
  • Double room
  • En suite

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Dinner


  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Andrew Williams

I was a binge addict of alcohol and junk food, suffered from stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and fibromyalgia. I found it extremely difficult to “Break the Cycle “ after trying every diet programme on the planet and so decided enough was enough.
I began to develop my own programme to a healthy life and “ Want for Change “ and by creating mind space to my addictions, I gave up alcohol and stopped eating junk food. I replaced it all with a plant based, none dairy diet, daily “fun” exercise and a meditation programme that gave me a “ Positive Attitude “ to life, work and the people around me.
As a result I lost 93 lbs in weight comfortably in under eleven months. That in its self eliminated those health issues from my former lifestyle.
Now, as I hit my 59th birthday, I believe I have a story worth telling. I hope my experiences can inspire others who find themselves trapped in that cycle of despair.
I will be transparent and tell you how I made simple changes in my life by replacing the bad choices, which have led me up ‘ Positive Street” to a healthier and subsequently happier life

Beckie Williams

All my life has been one of Yo Yo dieting, you know the type where you lose 7lbs very quickly then go and celebrate by ordering a Chinese, not to mention the bottle of wine!!!!
I would gain 2 stone over Christmas, lose half of it ready for the summer then by September I would panic diet again ready for that "Little Black Dress" they say you must wear by Christmas. Round and around I would go, constantly beating myself up but never seeing an end to it, believing this was the only option.
Unfortunately, bad health hit me hard in the form of breast cancer and after all the treatment was over and yes, I was back up to 3 stone overweight, the realisation that I had been given a second chance made me sit up and smell the roses, and not the chocolate kind!!!!
​Working hard with my husband, we have had a fabulous journey to what we consider good and sustainable health. We've had a lot of laughs along the way but above all we have a sense of relief and gratitude that we are no longer scrambling around in the dark looking for that miracle cure which will save us.
I wish I had discovered and taken all of what I believe now on board years ago and if I can help just a few people realise their potential too, then bring it on!!

The Lodge @ Exclusive Retreats

7.30am Optional Morning Walk (you choose)
8.00am Stretch + Meditation Class
9.00am Breakfast
10.00am Walking & Talking into the surrounding
countryside with a small food snack.
12.00pm One hour of rest and relax
1.00pm Lunch
1.30pm Half hour rest & relax
2.00pm Work-Shop - Cooking Demo - Inspirational
talks etc. Afternoon tea & snack will be
taken during this time.
4.00pm Fitness Class - HIIT or Circuit or weight
training in the gym.
5.00pm One hour rest and relax.
6.00pm Dinnertime
7.00pm Stretch & Meditation
8.00pm Movie of your choice or whatever you
choose to do.

Easy access from Stratford upon Avon train station, Birmingham airport or the M40

Booking & Payments Policy
A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure all bookings. Final and balance payments are due strictly 21 days prior to your official program start date. Final balance payments can be paid via bank transfer, this transfer must be made with enough time for the funds to show in Exclusive Retreats account 21 days before your program start date, alternatively payment can be made by credit card 21 days prior to your program start date.

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  • Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
  • 3 plus
  • May to October
  • £200 per day
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