Increase your self-esteem: The power of retreats

Self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves and the respect we feel for ourselves. People with a higher level of self-esteem have a greater capacity, even for love. Conversely, people with low levels of self-esteem do not pay attention to personal needs and are often neglected. Thanks to the magic of a personal growth retreat your self-esteem can increase.


As soon as you become more observant you can realize that loving yourself is not only allowing yourself whims, which is fine, I do not deny it. However, loving yourself is also loving and caring for all that you are. From a holistic point of view, we are body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit. You are a chair with many legs and neglecting one of them brings disorientation.


Dedicating yourself from time to time to glimpse and observe each of these parts of yourself is the greatest act of love that you can have towards yourself. This is done by withdrawing into nature and connecting with silence. By making the profound decision to allow you to go to one of these spaces that facilitate so much love for the human. I am talking about retreats of any kind, which in reality, In addition to the different techniques and tools that each retreat approaches, it will provide the scenario for you to be in contact with Oneself. This contact with the Self  will provide self-knowledge


By getting to know yourself you will get to love yourself truly, know your lights, your shadows. Getting out of your automatism is going to be the most surprising way to really discern everything that you are. As consequence,  your self Love will increase. As you already know, you cannot love what you don’t know and if you don’t know yourself you can’t love yourself. How can we love others if we don’t love ourselves?


As Virginia Satir once said, with a good dose of self-esteem, good communication, efficient emotional management and allowing yourself to take risks, you will bring about change. In all the sacred traditions of all times, retreats have provided spaces for growth of these four aspects. Thus, you can achieve that change which can bring the dose of calm and serenity that you long for in your life.