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Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara

  • Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara
  • Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara
  • Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara
  • Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara
  • Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara
  • Yoga Teacher Training course in Nepal Pokhara


200 Hour Yoga teacher training course at Pokhara Nepal by Yoga alliance USA.

We feel proud to say that we are the best Yoga teacher training course in Pokhara Nepal, Our teachers are Indians and Nepalis who come from the ancient schools of Yoga and modern universities having studied Yoga, practiced yoga with in-depth knowledge and the experience of training a practitioner into a yoga teacher.
Indian Yoga School specializes in providing the finest of yoga teacher training courses, workshops, and retreats at Mysore, Hampi, Varkala, Gokarna in India and at Mauritius

Open to

Open to all




Silence, No tobacco, No alcohol


Not based on any faith

Included / Not included


✅ TTC course material
✅ Yoga alliance certification
✅ Free airport transfer from the nearest domestic airport
✅ Non-air-conditioned room with attached bath
✅ Bedspread, blanket, pillow provided, ceiling fan.
✅ 24 hours of water
✅ Hot water
✅ Three vegetarian meals
✅ Three local tour
✅ Free Wifi 24X7
✅ Room cleaning every alternate day

Not included

❌ Anything not specifically mentioned in Inclusions
❌ Any kind of personal expense
❌ Insurance of any kind
❌ Any kind of travel expense, Visa processing
❌ Monument charges/parking charges
❌ Any kind of medical expense during the stay
❌ Any kind of compensation

Our campus is located near to the Pokhara lake with an attached swimming pool.
The accommodation available is private and shared ( 2 People ) per room.

Accommodation and meals


  • Swimming pool

Room type

  • Shared bedrooms
  • Single room

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner


  • Vegetarian


“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of Wholeness in your Life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit the broken pieces together.”
Sri Abhinava Siddaroodha Swamiji is the devotee of a famous Yogi, H.H.Sri Shivaputra Siddaroodha Swamiji, called Aroodha Jyothi and an immediate successor himself to Aroodha Heritage. Sri Ahinav swami belongs to Siddha Heritage, and his insight into most profound sense of being and yoga resembles a sea. He began his journey of Yoga at a very young age and practiced yoga from various Ashrams and schools at Rishikesh. At first, he was drawn by H.H Jagadguru Abhinava Shivaputra Swamiji of Vijayapura, who has wide knowledge in all the Vedantic, tantric and yoga conventions. To enhance the knowledge he traveled around the world spreading the yogic practices. He is one of the most respectable yoga experts in south India who is known for the idea of enlivening the Third Eye. Numerous students come from different parts of the globe to take in yoga from him. Swamiji is an ability in Bhakthi Yoga, Buddhist yoga customs and behaviors otherworldly talks and camps to spread the integrity and improvement through his matt. His concern to save the yoga community is highly appreciated across the world.

Deepa ji

As a teacher, Deepa Ji focuses largely on Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Laughing Yoga. She has fondly been teaching 200 hours and 300 hours Yoga teacher training course at various prestigious yoga schools for many years. For many, spirituality may have a definition differentiating from one another, but for Deepa Ji ‘spirituality’ is all about peace of mind, being consistent within striking a perfect balance with yourself.
After having gained tremendous support and respect of all those who value her deep inside, she thinks that spirituality is something that can be found in nature. Other than imparting various aspects of yoga, Deepa Ji is fond of capturing shots and take a pleasant walk in nature. Traveling is something that has always fascinated her and she does not think twice when it comes to giving a touch of discovery.


What better than Yoga right in-front of the Himalayas? Indian yoga School offers its best and most sought Yoga teacher training course at Nepal instructed by the Yogi’s from the Himalayas. Indian Yoga School organizes workshops, retreats, and special Master programs in Nepal along with our best Indian Yoga Teacher training course in Nepal. The teacher training course offered by the Indian Yoga School in Nepal is the most sought and many students return to the school for their annual yogic practices and workshops.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Introduction and History of Ashtanga Vinyasa
Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.
Vinyasa practice Workshop
Component of Ashtanga - Dristhi – Breath and Bhandha
Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga
Core Principles of Hatha Yoga Practice
Suksham vyam and Pawan Mukta Asanas(Joints and glands exercise)
Traditional Surya Namskara (sun salutation) Asana and other component-breath- mantra –chakra
Diffident type of Asana and Sequence in Static and Dynamic
Standing Asana
Twisting Asana
Kneeling Asana
Sitting Asana
Prone Asana
Supine Asana
Inversion Asana
Balancing Asana
Forward and backward bending asana
Meditative and Relaxation Asana
Pranayama Pranayama
Philosophy and science of pranayama.
Introduction of Chakra( energy wheel), Nadi (energy channels),
Main nadis – ida , pingala, shshumna.
Role of Kosha (five layers of awareness) and Vyau (5 Sub- prana) in our life
Type of breathing and Yogic breathing(diaphragmatic breathing)
Seven Different Pranayama and practice
Philosophy Philosophy
Introduction of yoga and six yoga philosophies of India.
Four type of Yoga practice by sages
Yoga Philosophy according Patanjali Yoga Sutra,
Mind and Four faculties of mind field - Manas, Budhi, Chitta and Ahamkar
Five state of mind-Kshipta (agitated/scattered); Mudha (dull,lethargic); Vikshipta (partially focused); Ekagra (one-pointed); Niruddha(fully arrested)
Asthanga Yoga –eight limbs of yoga, - Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama,Pratihar, Dharana Dhyana, Samadhi.
Suffering , karma and wisdom
Abhyasa and vairagya the practice of yoga.
Yogic Anatomy Yogic Anatomy
Human body and different system of body.
Yogic Anatomy and physiology
Effect of asana practices diffident bone,joints, spine - skeletal system
Key muscle-triceps, biceps, deltoid, Psos-Muscular system
Yoga practices and the connection to a digestive and immune system
Introduction of the respiratory system and yogic breathing
Art of Alignment and Adjustment Art of Alignment and Adjustment
Adjustment of Different asana according body
Learn to use different yoga props
Variations of Asanas
The Fundamentals of Alignment and adjustment.
Steps and Sequence of Asana
limitation, contra-indications and benefits of yoga asanas.
Workshop on hip opening
Workshop on back bending
Workshop on forwarding bending
Seminar in twisting postures
Meditation Meditation
Introduction and methodology of Meditation.
Mantra meditation- the power of sound.
Chakra Meditation- the energy wheel
Full mood and new moon Meditation
Healing meditation
Kundalini Meditation
Jyoti Dhyan – Tratak ( candle Meditation)
Nadabramha mediation
Walking mediationPreparation and component of meditation.
Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra
Introduction of yog nidra
Steps of doing yognidra
Relaxation and stress relief
Yoga Nidra practices from Satyananda tradition.
Three stages of sleep
Mudra Mudra
• Master invocation mantra
Ashtanga vinyasa opening and closing mantra and sage Patanjali mantra
Healing mantra - Gayatri Mantra
Peace Mantras
Completeness mantra
Meal mantra
Shat Kriya Shat Kriya
Theory of Shat kriya (six practices for purifications of the body
Practice of Tratak
Practice of Jal Neti and sutra neti
Asana of Shankprakshalan
Benefit of Shat kriyaPractice of Trataka
Mudra Mudra
Five types of Mudra and science of Mudra
Healing though Mudra
Hand, face, body mudra
Bandha ( locks)- Mula, Uddiyana Jalandhara
Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Mudra
Teaching Methodology Teaching Methodology
Qualities of a teacher and Personality of teacher
Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting.
Healthy traditional class and Qualities of good class
Different teaching styles
Lesson planning – finding goal and purpose
Making Sequence

How to get there

Arrive at Katmandu and then take a flight to Pokhara airport, we will pick you from Pokhara airport.

Cancellation Policy

The deposit is fully nonrefundable


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  • Pokhara, Nepal
  • From: 3 March, 2020 8:00
  • To: 30 March, 2020 8:00
  • 28 days
  • 1550 USD for shared and 1880 USD for private

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