Sacred Self Retreat

  • Sacred Self Retreat
  • Sacred Self Retreat
  • Sacred Self Retreat
  • Sacred Self Retreat
  • Sacred Self Retreat
  • Sacred Self Retreat


Igniting the Flame of Self-Love

The Illuminating Color Sacred Self Retreat is an experience of growth, joy and transformation. By diving deep into the sacred art of healing you illuminate spaces inside your being that are calling out to be recognized, heard, and liberated. This causes a shift in which allows you to view life in a whole new way.

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We are located in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. Approximately 2km from town, at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by farm lands, and crisp air awaits a beautiful hacienda. A place of soul-filled rejuvenation.

Accommodation and meals


  • Kitchen
  • Washing machine available

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  • Shared bedrooms
  • Double room
  • Shared bathroom

Meals Included

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Dinner


  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Ecologic
  • Allergic option

Abby Navarro

Abby has a massive, fairy and sunshine filled heart. She share intuitive energy work, dance, integrative therapy, guidance, and empowerment. Her passion lies in transmitting unconditional love, service and ensuring that individuals have the integrative tools to continue their path after heart/mind opening experiences.

Akojaiye Ausar

A healer and wisdom keeper of ancient origins/civilizations. While living in Peru he studied with the masters of the lineage of ancient Incan and Amazonian nations. He is the Director of the environmental center “EarthArts” of New York, as well as an internal life guide and consultant. Akojaiye’s background in music, dance, photography, videography and movement, complements this wonderful trinity. His passion is with people realizing the absolute greatest version of themselves, and actualizing true unity of people with contrasting backgrounds.

Welcome to the Sacred Self Retreat!


Sacred Self Retreat is an 11 day getaway from your current life and a deep dive into yourself. We have crafted this retreat as an experience that will transform your life into what you know you deserve. For over a week you will receive time and space for exploration, a variety of healing modalities including somatic experiences, guidance, support, knowledge, and tools.

We have put together a team of incredible healers and therapists that sustain you while you journey into your Sacred Self. We have actively chosen to use medicines such as love, breathwork, movement, sound, and family constellations.

If you feel like you know there is something more out there, just coming into spirituality, seeking deeper knowledge, serious about change, wanting to explore your inner self, and looking for a unique enriching experience we are here for you. Sign up now to step into your true power.


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  • Lamay, Cusco, Peru
  • From: 27 April, 2020 8:00
  • To: 7 May, 2020 8:00
  • 11 days
  • 1,777

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