I want to go on a retreat. How do I do it?

First of all you have to choose between a group experience or a personal retreat. Then use the search tool to choose a category and location you prefer. From this search tool you can look through the categories and choose the characteristics from the filter bar. When you find the options that interest you, you can directly contact the organiser or centre using the contact form or the phone number if available. It’s as simple as that!

What is the difference between a Group and a Personal Retreat?

The main difference is that a group retreat involves activities with other members and a personal retreat is focussed on the individual. Group retreats are usually themed and take place on certain dates. In contrast, personal retreats are more flexible with dates and the length of stay. The decision for one type or the other must be motivated by the type of experience we are looking for.

Is it free to use Findmyretreat.com?

Yes, it is free for users looking for retreats. The platform is sponsored by the fee for the advertising of the retreat organizers. We would be very grateful if you could inform the organizers that you have found them through Findmyretreat.com in order to help us continue our work.

What can a retreat instructor offer me?

A retreat instructor is a teacher with certain knowledge that can guide and accompany you on your way. If you need personalised support and work on specific areas, we recommend finding a leader who can help put you on your path.

Are the contents of encuentraturetiro.com and findmyretreat.com the same?

No, the contents and retreats are not the same. They are two different search platforms. We want all retreats available on findmyretreat.com to be offered in English and the retreats on encuentraturetiro.com in Spanish, at the very least. You may find the same experiences on both platforms if they are offered in both languages. If you would like an experience in English, look on findmyretreat.com and if you prefer it to be in Spanish, on encuentraturetiro.com

Do you still have questions?

Please send them to us and we will do our very best to help!

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