I’m tired of things always going the same way

I do not know if this is your case, or if you feel in any of these ways. Are there times when you feel like your life has to take a turn? Do you feel like you are tired or fed up of things always going the same way? Do you think a spiritual retreat can help you take this turn?


I understand that there may be skepticism, but I am sure that people who have gone through a similar transformation will understand what I am sying.

And, only in 3 days, you can feel that click you needed to take the step. That step, which will have the snowball effect.


Perhaps that step is to put aside certain relationships. Perhaps the step is a change in your behaviour, which will affect your environment, and therefore yourself and your relationships. Perhaps, that step is to gather strength to do what you have always wanted. There can be so many different steps … and they can come in so many different ways …


From “pushing” you to go on a spiritual retreat, make some time for introspection, to conducting a transformation retreat in which high impact coaching techniques are used.


Surely many instructors, you agree with me: We have the best job in the world. And not only because of the enjoyment we can feel when giving our training, but because we see first-hand the change of many of the participants who attend.


So every time I hear that people “do not change”, or the typical phrase “I am like this and I cannot change”, I can’t help but smile, because, like you, I know that it is not true.


As you already know, there are different techniques to reach this transformation. Different ways to encourage this inner click we were talking about earlier. Meditation, connection with the inner child, reiki, conscious regression, biodance, body expression, gestalt …


You should know that you don’t go to a retreat “by chance”, but rather by causality. It is curious how in each of all the retreats I have organized, only the right people come, the people who have to be the there. People who come together, who share certain aspects of their lives …


And of course, something that is very clear is that we all come with our baggage, our things to heal. As we say in our retreats, this is a job for life, it is a path of no return. A fantastic path, an adventure of self-discovery, in which new clues appear, to take you to the next test. You grow increasingly stronger, increasingly aware.


For this reason, and for many more, we encourage you to go on a spiritual retreat.


Give yourself permission to enjoy, discover, experiment, share … Be.