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“I can’t empty my mind”

The mind is a talking radio that is always broadcasting
“I can’t empty my mind” Does this sound familiar to you? This is a statement that is very often heard when offering a meditation or mindfulness retreat. Unfortunately, this unables the person to plunge into this interesting experience.

Yoga Ashtanga

What is it, for whom and how does it work?

I have heard in many conversations, and I have seen on social networks, something like Ashtanga Mysore style is not for beginners. I would say that the Mysore style is one of the safest for beginners due to the rhythm in which it is transmitted from teacher to student individually and personally.

Let’s clear your doubts!

Coaching, a beacon that bridges

Welcome! Because, if you are reading this is possibly because you are considering attending a retreat where the dominant tool is Coaching, but, maybe, you are not sure of what it is and how it can help you. Learn more here!