About us

An idea

The idea of creating encuentraturetiro.com / findmyretreat.com came about from a personal experience of noticing the online dispersion of retreat websites. We decided that it was worth creating a one-stop meeting point in which you can see, compare and find experiences related to personal growth, volunteer work or venues to organise retreats.

Our aim

Our objective is to create a central meeting point for people who offer experiences and those who seek them. By creating this space for retreats around the world, we want to help to promote the habit of going on a personal retreat as an extremely valuable tool to improve the world.

Our team

At findmyretreat.com we are people with different backgrounds who share the same goal: offer a service to and for people. Our aim is to develop this tool to speed up, facilitate and encourage people to try retreats as a way of improving their lives.

"We believe that the way to achieve peace in the world is to be at peace with ourselves"

Sergi Arribas Torras

“I’ve always been an active and curious person, looking for experiences inside and outside me that could enrich me. By the time I’d finished my degree of industrial engineering, I’d already travelled half the world.
After my first job as an Export Manager, I decided to set up my own business in rainwater-harvesting systems. It was a rewarding experience helping to build a world which would be more sustainable for everyone. Seven years later, I made a life-changing decision: to dedicate more time to myself.
Between personal experiences, theatre, family constellation therapy, and trips to Israel, India, Thailand, Brazil and Indonesia, I am rediscovering the essence that drives me to get involved in a project like this.”


Antonio Izquierdo Martínez

“My aim in life is to push myself to grow and evolve in both my professional and my personal spheres. As a professional dancer and instructor, I have learnt how essential it is to constantly live in and listen to the body. Through the challenges presented in my line of work I am aware of the importance of balance between body and mind.
Searching to improve the relationship between body, mind and spirit, I began going on retreats and learning different techniques of spiritual development.
It’s very important for me to ‘recycle’, or retrain, myself on a personal and professional level every so often: it brings out the best in me. Focussing my energy on this project is a chance to help others find their path towards fulfilment.”