“I want to go to a summer retreat”

We are fed up with being in the city in our day to day. At times we collapse. Summer retreats help us find respite and rest.


Just leaving the city and breathing fresh air makes you feel more alive.


Arriving at a different place to which you are used to moving, meeting different people than you are used to … You step out of your well-known comfort zone.


And suddenly you open to the feeling of surprise. The surprise of what can happen. Because yes, you know that you are going to a summer retreat with different activities, such as Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy, Ayurveda and so many others …


But the surprise comes of everything that you can find beyond those activities. Suddenly you begin to discover hidden aspects of yourself. Aspects that are screaming to get out and it is at that moment, at the right moment, that they make you that immense gift.


For this reason there are many people who feel somewhat afraid of what they will find.


So many times I have been told: “It is the first time that I come, and I really don’t know what I am coming to. I don’t know what I’m going to find. I’m open to the surprise. ”


And that is so wonderful! To come without any kind of expectation, without any kind of conditioning. Even if you have attended thousands of retreats, I assure you that each one of them is different.


Of course, there is nowadays a wide variety of retreats: From wellness, meditation, silence retreats, Yoga, nutrition, artistic…. All of these would be thematic. This type of retreats offer a lot of activities, so that you can give yourself the opportunity to try and to feel. Keep breaking taboos or beliefs, do things that you don’t like a priori, or scare you. Exceed yourself and discover once and for all the greatness that is within you.


Those summer retreats that work pure magic. Those literally life-changing retreats, in which you feel a brutal transformation.


And it is not only me saying it, but the people who have experienced the joy of a retreat have reported the same exaltation.


All you have to do is give yourself the opportunity, once and for all, to go on a summer retreat and leave all excuses aside. Those excuses that make you miss out on many amazing things that life is offering you. Those excuses and justifications that make you lose yourself, further and deeper.


The time has come to take care of yourself, to give it to yourself just because! Because you deserve it, period. There’s no more.


For this and many more reasons, here we present you a large number of summer retreats, so that you can find what best suits you and what you need at all times.