My reasons to go on a spiritual retreat. Which are yours?


According to a report from the Market of Wellness and Retreat Tourism, vacations intended to enjoy nature and disconnect are on track to grow more than 10% in the coming years.


A few years ago, looking for alternatives to go on alternative holidays, I tried going to a spiritual retreat. What seemed like was going to stay in a simple experience became one of the greatest discoveries of my life.


These are the reasons why, from time to time, I choose to repeat the experience:


You discover spectacular places:

Normally, in a retreat, some days are destined to go on walks or excursions. So you have the opportunity to go sightseeing and see places where you have not been before. Also, many times the retreats are held in magical places that offer dreamy landscapes, as if taken from magazine covers.


You meet new poeple:

I have always gone alone to a retreat. They are the only vacations that I want to enjoy without company because they seem very personal to me. You also meet people who normally share the same inquisitiveness.


You eat healthy:

Right now I am quite aware of what I eat and I place great importance to food. But there was a time when it was not so much, and a week of retreat served to detoxify my body from the occasional excess.


You practice Yoga:

It is true that there are many retreats in which different activities are offered, but in my specific case, I always choose one in which yoga is practiced. This time allows me to deepen and advance much more in my practice.


You try new activities:

The additional workshops that are normally held are also a great platform for self-knowledge. I have come across workshops as diverse as biodance, body expression, world dances, yoga nidra, laughter therapy … Doesn’t this seem like a great opportunity to try something new?


You do hiking:

When in a retreat, I never missed the opportunity to enjoy the hiking activities that are proposed. It is the activity that most helps to be in contact with nature. Disconnecting from our busy daily life which has led us there in the first place In this short hiking activities you can enjoy the different sounds of nature, breathe fresh air … Can you ask for more?


You detoxify for a time from technologies:

Today it seems almost impossible to disconnect from everything that happens around us. However, in a spiritual retreat, the desire to be continually aware of the outside is giving way to the desire to enjoy everything that being in that place offers you at that time.


Your creativity is enhanced:

It is amazing how such a space can enhance your skills. It is as though you had been waiting for your mind to be more relaxed for inspiration to come back. For my part, I have found myself rediscovering hobbies that I had forgotten on the road, such as writing and painting.


You have fun:

You share a lot of time with others: at meals, walks, evenings … You make the most of the moment.


You go back home renewed:

A retreat can be a major turning point in your life. It encourages you to create or consolidate good habits. And you become more interested in taking care of your body and your mind. In turn you begin to learn from everything and everyone … It may be the beginning of something that could change your life, so take advantage of it.


These are some of the reasons why I normally go on a retreat. Surely there are many more reasons.


Why don’t you try and find yours? It could become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.