Allowing yourself the following 10 good habits will take you to reinhabit your home.. Coming back to our body periodically throughout the day can be a way to get off our busy mind.

1.- Don’t automatically jump out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Take a few minutes to do a brief conscious check of your body. Starting the day with greater awareness will establish the right conditions to face calmly and with equanimity the different situations that the day brings.

2.- Observe, while you shower or clean up yourself in the morning, if your mind is thinking, organizing or preparing for the day that awaits you. If so, bring it back to the present moment: smell the soap, feel the water on your skin, enjoy the feeling of cleanliness on your body.


3.- If you live with someone, do not leave the house without taking the opportunity to speak and listen carefully to them for a few moments.


4.- Walk slowly when you go out. If you are on foot, pay attention to the sounds, the smells, the people you come across … Connect with your body, notice the presence of any tension and try to relax it. If you go by car, be aware of your movements to start it and while driving; observe the feel of the steering wheel, the noise of the engine. Look for an occasion while driving to slow down a bit and you may use red lights as a reminder to be aware of your breathing.


5.- Walking is something we usually do with the autopilot. When you’re going somewhere or you’re just wandering around, start to do it differently: with a slower pace or by keeping your breath up with your steps. Notice the body sensations that accompany your walk, both on the feet and on the rest of your body.


6.- Eat in silence, a little more slowly than usual and trying to be aware of the taste and texture of the food. If possible, eat only once a week.


7.- Discover the value of taking a pause of your daily and work activities. Do only one thing at a time, in order to really be present in it. One of the things that generates the most stress is our habit of “multitasking”. Although it may seem like you waste time, doing things one by one, can really make a difference in the way you perceive your reality.


8.- Do brief body checks throughout the day. You can associate them with some of your everyday activities as a “reminder”. For instance, do a body check every time before checking your email, before taking the car or when sitting down to eat.


9.- Do not rush to get home right away. Do not be fooled by the feeling that you will be in peace and joyful when you arrive. Now is the only time enjoy. There is only “now”.


10.- Before going to bed, check your body by looking at the tensions you notice. If you perceive any tensions, try to let go of your muscles, being aware of them, and relaxing while you breathe.